Margaux Mays


Making a terrarium — a mindful craft activity

Making a terrarium can be more than just a fun craft activity. It can also be a practice in mindfulness. Be present and in the moment as you create a tiny world. Take notice of the different textures and colors of the materials that make up your terrarium. Choose decorative trinkets that represent the things and experiences you want to invite more of into your own life. I chose deer and mushrooms to stand for nature. There are so many options. Let’s get started!


  • Sand

  • Pebbles

  • Rocks

  • Moss

  • Miniature figurines or trinkets

  • Glass bowl

Begin by adding sand, then continue layering with pebbles, rocks, and moss. Add figurines to complete your tiny world!

This is a project for school-age kids and adults alike. There is no watering required! It’s so cute and it’s a fun conversation piece about being intentional in creating our worlds.

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