Margaux Mays



Margaux Bijoux is a jewelry and accessories brand featuring handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces meant to delight the wearer and bring a joyful feel to any style. I primarily work with upcycled and reclaimed leather, as well as sustainable concrete. All Margaux Bijoux items are created by me, Margaux Mays, in my home studio in the near west Chicago suburbs. Earrings crafted from soft suede, delicate concrete hearts hung on a chain, necklace beads shaped from colorful polymer clay and wooden pendants hand-painted with bold designs are just a few of my fun and unique creations.

As I am designing a new item or revisiting a favorite, I create each piece as though it’s a gift. Whether it’s a treat for the customer or carefully selected for someone else, my hope is that every Margaux Bijoux purchase is unwrapped with the joy that comes from receiving something special. 


In a way, gift-giving is how Margaux Bijoux began. I was motivated to launch my Etsy shop after giving away jewelry, handbags, and other trinkets I crafted for friends and family. Even as a child, I was always making something. I accessorized with handmade hair bows and wore t-shirts I decorated with puff paints. My mother encouraged my creativity. An avid cross-stitcher and seamstress herself, I was amazed at how she transformed simple thread and fabric into elaborate designs and beautiful clothing. Seeing that transformation of ordinary materials into a gorgeous result inspired me to find ways to turn conventional materials into unconventional jewelry. Margaux Bijoux combines a lifetime of creative passion with my desire to work with a range of mediums to produce wearable art.

As a self-taught artist, my educational background is in marketing and business. My current full-time job is in the digital space, creating and managing online content, which challenges my creativity in a different, but still fulfilling way. I enjoy helping others discover their own creative talents through workshops and private events. Head over to my crafting events page to learn more and to view photos from past events.