Margaux Mays



Margaux Bijoux is a jewelry and accessories brand featuring handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces meant to delight the wearer and bring a joyful feel to any style. All Margaux Bijoux items are created by me, Margaux Mays, in my home studio in the near west Chicago suburbs. I primarily work with upcycled and reclaimed leather, and sustainable concrete. Whether it’s designing earrings crafted from soft suede or delicate concrete hearts hung on a chain, I create each piece as though it’s a gift.

I have been creating and making wearable art since I was a child, and my mother was my first inspiration. An avid cross-stitcher and seamstress, she always encouraged my creativity. She often took me with her to craft stores, where I loved helping her pick out supplies for her next project or to restock her craft closet. Some of my happiest childhood memories are of exploring that amazing closet, filled with colorful threads, yards of fabric and scraps of materials just waiting for mom and me to turn them into something beautiful. Crafting with my mom was a special part of our relationship, and I loved creating and bonding with her.


While I have always been creative, it wasn’t until after college, where I studied marketing and business, that I returned to crafting. I started by making jewelry, handbags and other trinkets that I gave away as gifts. Soon after, I was inspired to launch my Etsy shop and began hosting craft parties with friends and family. While I enjoyed coming up with the fun projects, what I really treasured was spending time together. That’s when it became obvious to me – my greatest joy comes from bringing the joy of crafting to others.

When I host a craft party or workshop, my goal is to create a fun and welcoming environment. To me, the craft is really second to the experience of coming together around a shared activity to express yourself. Whenever I’m teaching, I am reminded of crafting with my mom. With my events, I hope to bring people together and create that same sense of bonding and building relationships through creativity.

While I would love to spend all my time helping others discover their crafting talents, my current full-time job is in the digital space, creating and managing online content, which challenges my creativity in a different, but still fulfilling way.

To learn more about having me at your next event, head over to my crafting events page to learn more and to view photos from past events.