Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Retro Fitness takes on the Midwest

Retro Fitness in Carol Stream, Illinois held its Grand Opening April 26 with plenty of music, food, and of course fitness.

I particpated in (and lost) a fitness challenge. Thirty seconds of crunches followed by 30 seconds of step ups. Whoever racked up the most won a 3 month membership! I forgot my individual totals, but my score was 46 overall.

The Retro On Demand feature is now available. My camera didn't pick up the image very well, but individuals or groups can choose a workout and a guided program with an instructor leads your workout.

I spoke with Retro Fitness CEO Eric Casuburi. What a nice guy! I watched his episode of Undercover Boss - so it was neato to meet him in person. What an inspirational entrepreneurial story. Eric shared some of the exciting techinical updates coming to their treadmills - integration with fitness trackers like the Nike+ fuelband. Disreagard my hair, it deflated after the fitness challenge.

Retro Fitness has grown from a few gyms in the Northeast to now over 100 with plans to open more locations in suburban Chicago as well as expand into the St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri areas. If you're nearby, drop in the Carol Stream location to check it out for yourself!

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