Friday, February 7, 2014

30 day Paleo challenge complete!

My 30 day Paleo challenge officially ended last Wednesday. For 30 days I totally cut out bread, grains, most dairy and refined sugar. I lost 3 pounds. That’s nothing to write home about, but I’m surprised the scaled moved at all. Outside of a handful of visits to the gym and my indoor triathlon I was very lackadaisical about working out during those weeks.

I did have a few cheat items I struggled to stay away from: cheese on my scrambled eggs, 0% plain Greek yogurt, and coffee with creamer (Coffee-Mate’s Natural Bliss). Other than that, letting go of bread, rice, and other grains has not been that difficult. Bread feels like filler. Protein makes me feel FULL. There is a difference.

This week I am allowing myself a few things I forwent, mainly candy! Then, I will continue to challenge myself to eat Paleo through the end of March. I’ll save my measurement comparisons until that time. By adding regular exercise to my routine, I’m sure the scale move even more.

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