2013 Esprit de She Chicago 5K recap

On July 18th I finished the Esprit de She 5K in Chicago’s Diversey Harbor. After a great experience with this race series at the Esprit de She Naperville triathlon in June, I decided to participate in one of their road races. I registered for the 10K but in response to the 90 degree we had that day, race officials canceled the 10K and moved everyone into the 5K race.

At first I was disappointed, but once the race got started I was soon ready for it to be over. It was hot. Harbor runs are usually graced with a nice breeze off of Lake Michigan. But, Diversey Harbor is separated from the water by Lake Shore Drive. So the air was thick and stagnant. Despite the heat, I finished! The race officials did a good job keeping us cool with water misting fans along the route and hydration stations at miles 1 and 2. They also had ice cold towels and popsicles at the finish line. The best part of the race? The post-race party.

Photo credit: Esprit de She

The avocado- chocolate pudding, hummus and flatbread pretty much blew the usual bagels and bananas post-race fuel out of the water. And for the adult runners, the bubbly bar was a nice touch.

I sipped champagne well into the night with a few ladies from my running group. The race swag was nice too, I love the orange sleeveless tech tank.

Photo credit: Esprit de She

Summer races are always a toss up because of the weather, but I really enjoyed this event, heat and mosquito bites included.