2013 Bay to Breakers 12K recap

I finished Bay to Breakers in San Francisco one week ago. I know I am terribly late sharing the experience!

First of all, San Francisco is a beautiful city. I spent the day before the race with my sister (who also ran the race) and her kids walking the piers along the bay. We took a boat tour to view the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

Secondly, Bay to Breakers is bananas! Runners are encouraged to wear costumes. If you don’t want to wear a costume, you can always just go nude. I saw way more fannies than I needed to so early in the morning. There were also plenty of people who had obviously been up all night drinking before the race.

The course is amazing. It starts near the bay and ends at Ocean Beach. We made our way through beautiful homes and parks. There was a massive hill at about mile 3. I walked the hills. I took advantage of the downhill slopes and jogged until I hit the next hill. Because of the incredible amount of distraction from runner costumes, the race went very quickly for me. I finished sub 2:00, but it definitely did not feel like I was out there that long. Bay to Breakers is more of a parade than an actual race. There were ‘serious’ runners out there just like us. But for most part, it was just about having a good time. I had couple of gripes though. There was no post race grub (bananas, bagels, etc.) only coconut water, and the race t-shirt is cotton. You could get a tech tee for an additional $30. I've done smaller races that offered much more. I would do the race again in a few years after the visual traumatization of this year’s race has worn off.

Koss Fit Series launch event with Dara Torres

I traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Wednesday for the Koss launch of their newest product line, Fit Series with Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Dara Torres. The new line includes Fit Clips and Fit Buds. It is the first headphone series ever designed for women by women. I was very excited to have an opportunity to participate in the event with several other FitFluential bloggers. I have been working hard on my swimming skills over the winter and spring and was excited about meeting a true professional swimmer – Dara!

Just a few FitFluential bloggers (L to R): Nicole of Apples and Arteries, Tina of Carrots 'n Cake, Sarah of Skinny Runner and Veronica of Anatomy of a Gastroenterologist

What I didn’t know and learned from talking with founder John C. Koss is that Koss is the manufacture and inventor of the world’s first SP/3 stereophone created in 1958. The design was inspired by headphones worn by pilots. Photo by Tina

Michael J. Koss (President and CEO) and Dara Torres introduced the product to the media at Elite Sports Center. We were then lead to spin bikes for a workout using Koss Fit Clips.

This was my first spin class, and I think I’m addicted! The class started off with a pretty intense hill climb (butt off the seat in high gear) but got more enjoyable with plenty of hill/flat intervals. I can truly feel the burn today. The nice thing about Fit Clips is of course that they hook onto your ears. Also, the hooks are flexible. I own another brand with firm hooks that leave my ears a bit sore after prolonged use. The Fit Clips fit snuggly in my ear, and I didn’t fidget with them at all during the class. Both the Fit Clips and Fit Buds come with three size ear buds to switch out for a perfect fit.

Post workout we had an opportunity to chat with Dara about spinning, swimming, and staying active as we get older among many things. Dara is 46, and she’s got a rocking body. I asked her about suggestions for adult beginner swimmers. Her response was to “Listen to your body.” She went on the say that as we get older it does take longer to recover, and that’s o.k. Rest days are a must, and help improve overall performance. I’m definitely feeling the effects of getting older and trying to remain active just in the past 5 years! She also suggested joining a Masters swim class for the structure and the support of other swimmers. Dara is taking a break from swimming now, but she will be back in the game for sure. To stay in shape she loves to spin and typically fits in a run at least once per week.

Would you like to try the Koss Fit Series line? I have a discount code for you! Get free shipping and save $5 on purchases made at Koss.com by using the discount code Fit4Life at checkout. This campaign was sponsored by Koss through FitFluential. Fit Series is also available at Walmart. So, I know Fit Clips work great in the gym. I’ll get in an outdoor run with the Fit Clips this weekend and share my review soon!