2013 The Race That's Good for Life 5K recap

I finished The Race That's Good for Life 5K in Oak Park this Sunday. I'm loving short races lately! I once again decided to participate in the Clydesdale/Athena category which required me to get on a scale at the race and weigh in. I've been avoiding scales. Mine is collecting dust.

The races started with the youth mile dash which was a blast to watch. The winner finished in sub 5 minutes! During my race I stuck to my 5 minute run 1 minute walk routine. I finished sub 39 minutes, and 5th in my weight category (there were only awards for 1st through 3rd place, boo.) The women's and men's races are separate, so I was also able to see the men's winner who finished in 15 minutes. The race was on time and well organized as usual.

I realize how far I've come since I ran this race in 2009. In 2009 I was still on the course when the men's race started. So I was excited to have finished beforehand this year. Also, I didn't know anyone at the race then, and this year I saw quite a few people I've met through running.

I think I will make this race a yearly tradition for myself. It's reasonably priced, easy to get to, and fun!

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