Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make it yourself: Poppy Flower Bridal Sash Tutorial

I had the pleasure of contributing a bridal do-it-yourself project tutorial for Natural Hair Bride.com. This is a new natural hair community in the Chicago area centered on naturally curly brides-to-be.

There are so many options for DIY projects in the wedding industry. I could definitely get lost in creating a ton of bridal pieces!

This video tutorial is for a wedding gown sash with decorative poppy flowers. After I made this, I was tempted to make more in different colors. I first need to find a few brides to wear them! Enjoy!

Materials used:
• Synthetic – chocolate satin like fabric (less than ½ yards)
• Wide satin ribbon – 2 ¼ yards (2 yards in length)
• Tea light candle
• Scissors
• Decorative jewels or beads
• Needle and thread
• Fabric glue or hot glue gun

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