Saturday, January 5, 2013

Make it yourself: Yarn wrap earrings

Here's my first creative project of the year! Yarn-wrapped cardboard earrings are really lightweight and easy to make.

Materials used:
Corrugated cardboard
Earring template (the two smallest sizes were used)
Jump rings
Earring hooks
Straight razor
Cutting mat
Super glue
Pencil or pen

Trace larger template onto cardboard.
Center smaller template inside of larger shape and trace.

Cut out larger shape with scissors. Slightly round the top point to allow for easier yarn-wrapping.
Cut out smaller shape with a straight razor. You may need to flip onto the back side for a clean cut.

Cut down the middle of smaller shape to help with removal.

Start to wrap the yarn in single rows without overlapping. Tie a knot to start (I suggest starting on the side of the earring). It’s ok to leave a short tail. It can be covered during the wrapping process.

If you come to the end of a piece of yarn before finishing, tie a knot in the end. Start a new piece of yarn, using the same process to cover the tail pieces.

The top of the earring can be tricky because of the sharp curve. Start to overlap the yarn until the curve straightens out. Then start to wrap in a single row again.

Finish wrapping. Tie a knot at the end and cut the tail. Add a dab of super glue at the end to secure.

Thread a jump ring through the yarn at the top. The yarn I used was thin, so I grabbed a couple of pieces in the jump ring. Add an earring hook and close the jump ring.

All done. Think of all the possibilities of using different shapes of cardboard and different types of yarn. Circles and squares and triangles, oh my! Have fun and enjoy!

4 comments: said...

This is the cutest thing!

Margaux Mays said...

Thank you : )

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Can't wait to try it and share photos with you.

Margaux Mays said...

Thanks, yes please share your photos!

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