2013 Commitment Day 5K recap

Happy New Year to you! I finished the Commitment Day 5K in Chicago in twenty degree weather on New Year’s Day 2013. I really enjoyed this race. There was no pressure because it wasn’t a timed race. There were lots of walkers and families, strollers, and dogs. These are the things I can typically do without in a race, but this was different because for many this was a physical affirmation of their commitment to healthier living in the New Year. I enjoyed witnessing that.

Anyone who drags themselves out of a warm bed on New Year’s Day to walk and run along Lake Michigan deserves a standing ovation. There were plenty of supporters along the way. At the race site, participants signed the Commitment Board, stating what they commit to in 2013. Photographers snapped pictures of families and friends documenting a significant day of their fitness journeys.

I met up with several friends, one from college and a few from my running group. I ran the entire race. I have been practicing a 5:1 run/walk, but ended up running the entire route after being distracted by chatting with a few running buddies. Despite the cold, we hung out at the finish line taking photos and cheering on other finishers.

The race swag was pretty o.k. too; A nice technical shirt for future workouts and a commitment journal to track my fitness goals throughout the year. I plan to be back in 2014!