Sunday, August 12, 2012

Final swim class

Summer swim lessons have come to a close. I feel as though I've learned a lot and gained more confidence in the water. I've become an expert at withstanding the burning sensation of accidentally inhaling chlorinated pool water. I love swimming in the open water now as well. Of course, my technique will only get better with more practice. My swim instructor recorded the last few laps of our final lesson so I could get an idea of how I looked in the water. I've been working on rotating my body when I turn to breath (this was no taught by my instructor, rather I discovered it works for me better than just turning my head to breath). This has really helped with getting my mouth to air, but after watching myself, I see I'm turning way too much. I'm almost turning over onto my back. I was exhausted by this time, but we were in the deep end (12 feet), so I had to keep pushing through to finish! Thankfully, I'll be able to touch bottom along the race course if I need to rest.

I finished up the hobo bag project I mentioned a couple of posts ago. It turned out great! Sewing straps is actually quite simple. I've been creating so many projects that I end up giving them away to friends, so I just opened up an Etsy shop to share my habit with the world. I hope to add more items come this fall.

I have a few more open swim sessions to get in the next couple of weeks. I've incorporated brick workouts as well. My last was a 6 mile bike and 1.55 mile run (race distances). I was pooped afterwards! Swimming, biking, and running I feel confident in completing each distance. It's putting all 3 disciplines together that will be the real challenge. During my last swim, I completed half a mile. This is the longest distance I've swam so far. I'm really looking forward to the super sprint triathlon in less than two weeks. I just plan to enjoy the experience and learn more about the sport of triathlon.


Tracy O'Dowd said...

You're going to do great! If you can do a half marathon, you'll do fine on the super sprint. You know you've got the stamina. Looking forward to swimming with you soon!

Margaux Mays said...

Thanks, Tracy! Can't wait to get back in the water this weekend.

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