Sunday, July 22, 2012

Triathlon training & creative projects

Triathlon training has been going pretty o.k. I'm in my second week of advanced swim class where we're learning drills and working on building our endurance. The swim portion of the race is 375 meters which is about 8 lengths of the pool I practice in. My goal is to swim that distance at least once before the race to get a feel for what my time may be in the water. I hope to emerge without wrinkly fingers (the universal sign for being in the water too long!). I got my bike inspected and tuned-up this weekend. It's in great shape. The tires just needed to be pressurized and the gears needed some oiling. I also practiced swimming in the lake yesterday for an hour. I'm much more comfortable with my breathing, yet I still need practice to get into a rhythm. After lake swimming I went to a CrossFit class right after and nearly died. I was introduced to dead lifts (DL) and front squats (FS). I'm not a fan. It's simply not enjoyable to me. I can do squats all day, but something about bending and standing repeatedly has me concerned about my back, even with proper form. Everything else about the work out was awesome, rowing, sit ups, jump rope, ring rows, and running:

I attemped the intermediate/beginner workout on the right.

400 meters on the rowing machine
20 sit ups
20 dead lifts
100 jump ropes
20 front squats
20 row rings
800 meter run

I was last to finish, again at 33:24. It's kind of discouraging being so slow. It really has me thinking about maybe trying to better my diet to drop some wieght after the triathlon. Although I'm not a fan of the lifting portion of CrossFit, it has definetly inspired me to add more brick workouts to my tri training. I've been practicing each discipline individually, but haven't really worked them all into one workout. I'm liking the feeling I get from working my whole body with brick workouts.

In my creative world, I've been sewing uncontrollably. Joann's and Micheal's have been getting a ridiculous chunk of my paycheck lately. These are some of the bags I've sewn as gifts.

Next, I'm working on a bigger, hobo style bag similar to this:

It should be interesting because I've never worked with sewing straps before. I've drawn out my own pattern, too. I'll be sure to add pics of the finished product.

The race is a little over 5 weeks from now. My main focus is building endurance to swim the 375 meters. That will only come with more practice, practice, practice.

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