Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ohio Street Beach first impressions

It's been so relaxing taking this week off from running. I felt fully recovered from the half marathon Tuesday.

I swam three days this week and I feel pretty good. Yesterday a friend and I did some open water swim practice in Lake Michigan. This was my first time ever getting into the lake! I've never so much as dabbled my feet in the water. We met at Ohio Street Beach which is a very popular practice spot in the Chicago triathlon community. There are two lanes that run parallel to the shore. There is one lane divider which runs a quarter mile and a half mile.

I was anticipating a crowded beach and lanes with a bunch of professional swimmers yelling at me to get out of the way. But everyone seemed pretty cool. There are lockers there, but not enough. I locked my bag against the railing, and it was fine. Next time I will come emtpy handed. It's been like 100 degrees here lately, but the water was freezing. There are a couple of guys at the beach that rent wet suits for $10, but I really just wanted to jump in and get a feel for the water. The water is shallow enough to stand at anytime to take a breather. I could see to the the bottom of the lake which for me, helps me keep my bearings. There is also plenty of space in the water to spread out.

Wile swimming the only issue I had was blowing air out of my nose. In swim lessons we learned to breath in through our mouths and out through our noses. I felt it was harder to push the air out of my nose in the lake versus the pool. As if the lake water is more dense than pool water. Not sure what's up with that. Breathing is what I need to practice most. My stroke and kick are great.

My head looks huge in this picture! I'm now in the market for a tri suit like the one my friend is wearing. Next visit to the beach I may try a wet suit to get a feel for it. They are not required for the race, so I may just roll with a tri suit. I'm looking forward to practicing more in the open water. Dealing with the waves, other swimmers, and learning to sight along the way are all great practice for race day.


Anonymous said...

Blame it on the swim cap. =) It was good swimming with you!

Margaux Mays said...

I will blame it on the swim cap!

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