Monday, July 30, 2012

Fleet Feet Sports triathlon series: Transition 101

I recently attended a seminar at Fleet Feet Sports Chicago, Transition 101. It's part of their triathlon series covering different areas of triathlon that athletes may want to learn more about. Most of the folks who attended are participating in races in the Chicago Triathlon weekend.

I learned some helpful tips on how to rack my bike and set up my transition area. We also saw a few pictures of the actual transition area from previous races which helps to visual what race day will look like. The transition is the most feared portion for me next to the swim. I'm afraid a forgetting something important I need out on the bike or run like socks and ending up with a major blister or something ridiculous like that. Swimming for me is getting better and better, so this seminar was right on time.

I really felt more confident in my last swimming lesson. Between our warm-up and drills, I nearly covered the distance of the swim portion of the race (375 meters/.25 miles). I definitely got a good work out, without feeling exhausted afterwards.

10 Bobs
Front floats 3X, face in water while exhaling (5, 8, 10 seconds)
1 lap (50 meters) freestyle

Breathing Drills:
1 lap, breath every 2 strokes
1 lap, breath every 3 strokes
1 lap, breath every 4 strokes

Kicking drill:
1 lap, with kick board and rotary breathing

Arm Drills:
2 laps, dragging finger tips on the water's surface and rotary breathing

Endurance Drill:
Tread water 3X (30 seconds each)

Total distance: 350 meters

I also invested a two piece tri suit. It happens to be a men's . . . I wasn't having much luck finding a women's bottom to well, fit my bottom. This is the Zoot tank and shorts I got (20% off at Fleet Feet for attending the seminar, holla!).

I was leaning towards a men's top from the beginning. The built-in sports bras in women's suits are not that supportive. I prefer to wear my own, and I didn't want to worry about being comfortable wearing mine underneath a built-in one. My sports bra is made of moisture wicking material, so it will dry quickly. I plan to try everything out along with a rented wet suit during this weekend's open water swim. I haven't yet decided if I want to invest big bucks in purchasing a wet suit of my own. I've started checking off items on this handy list to keep track of the things I'll need for the race. I'll use this the night before the race to avoid things like forgetting socks! I feel I'm getting better prepared each week.

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April said...

Great swim training! You are really going to be prepared. I'm excited for you!

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