Friday, June 8, 2012

New running related products I love

I’ve been trying out some new running related products lately and wanted to share the things I have really come to like!

I used to wear shoes with very little support, like these lovely sandals.

With flat feet plus an injury, my unsupportive shoes have been collecting dust since August. I wore my running shoes everywhere. Even around the house because my house shoes had no support either. I have found some great casual sandals that really support the arch of my foot by Spenco.

I ordered these on Zappos (love). They are kind of pricey for what are essentially flip-flops ($49), but they are really comfy and my foot feels well supported in them. I’ve been wearing these everywhere, and I feel that they help cut down on the recovery after a runs.

So I wondered if I should try the actual Spenco insoles since I liked the sandals so much. There are a lot of insoles out there. I read lots of reviews on the different Spenco types and decided on trying the Total Support Original.

I actually picked these up from Champs. And bonus, Champs offers a lifetime warranty. So if/when the insoles become worn out, they will replace them free of charge. You just have to hang onto the box and the receipt. No problem for this pack rat. I think the difference between these and the Dr. Scholl’s insoles they replaced is that Spenco’s are more flexible, better suited for an athlete’s foot. The ride is a lot more comfortable, yet my arch and heel are still well supported.

Lastly, I’m loving Click protein. This product has been around a while, but I’ve never really looked into it. I thought about it while taking a torturous luxurious ice bath after my last long run. I wanted some hot tea, but I knew I should take in some protein. I didn’t want to drink a cup of hot tea and then down a protein shake, yet I didn’t want to choose between hot tea and protein! Then I remembered this stuff. It combines protein with CAFFIENE! I have been all about my coffee lately. It’s very tasty, and filling. I have the mocha flavor. I’ve been mixing it in my shaker then pouring it over ice for an iced coffee-like drink treat! And I did not know this, but caffeine supposedly aids in athlete recovery.

So I mentioned I was able to get in a long run last week, 8 miles. It was definitely a better experience than the prior run, but still a lot of walking and a super slow pace (16:30 average). The race time limit is 3 hours 30 minutes (15:00 pace). Hmm, good luck to me trying to pull that off. Just over two weeks to race day!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try the Click protein. Best of luck on your run!

Margaux Mays said...

I'm sure you will enjoy it, thanks :)

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