Sunday, June 17, 2012

Half marathon & triathlon training

The inaugural Chicago Women's half marathon and 5K is exactly one week away! I made it through my last training run today, 10 miles. It started to get rough around mile 8 with some soreness in my foot. I stopped to stretch out my arch a few times towards the end. But, I made it through. It rained overnight which made for a cool start to my run, but at about the halfway point it was hotter than tarnation as the clouds rolled out. I'm going to attempt to run the half next Sunday instead of the 5K. My only concern is the time limit, of course. My only goal is to finish, oh and to not be last.

After the half, I look forward to focusing on training for my first triathlon in August. I've got the run and bike down. My weak area is the swim portion. So, I started swim lessons last week. I'm enrolled in a beginner adult class. I feel kind of silly being a 'beginner', but so far this experience has been better than my last attempt at swim lessons. I was enrolled in a class too advanced and I got discouraged.

My instructors can't be more than 17 years old. But, they are very knowledgeable. There are about 10 people in the class, and the consensus is that we all struggle with breathing. We worked a lot on breathing and the freestyle stroke in our last session. Thanks to running, one of my strengths is being able to use my legs to power through the water, which some people in the class struggle with. If I can get my breathing down, I will feel very comfortable going into the triathlon. It will only come with more practice. I’m looking forward to finishing the half marathon next week and being able to relax a little and stop stressing about it!

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