Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chicago Women's Half Marathon goals

Tomorrow is the inaugural Chicago Women's Half Marathon and 5K race. I am beyond nervous. I've decided to attempt the half marathon. I figured I made it to 10 miles in my training, so I might as well go for the distance. If I get hauled off the course, oh well. I've got a few things working in my favor though, the time limit, the race course, and the weather. The 3:30 limit starts only after the last runner crosses the start line. So, I will try my best to start towards the beginning of the pack to give myself a nice buffer before that limit clock starts. The entire race course is along the lakefront path. It's flat for the most part, and there are some softer gravel paths we can run on along the asphalt. There is rain in the forecast. This is good news because the temps will likely drop. Tomorrow's high is forecast to be 87 degrees. I'm hoping for a cool morning start. I have three goals for this race:

1. Finish injury free
2. Enjoy myself

I have been wound so tightly over training properly, I would like to just enjoy the day and not take it so seriously! I plan to take lots of pics and tweet along the way. So my third goal is:

3. Gain some new Twitter followers!

I wonder if having my Twitter handle splashed across my back will help? We'll find out tomorrow!

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