Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shamrock Shuffle training & updates

I'm three weeks into training for the Shamrock Shuffle 8K and it's been going well. The longeset distance I've completed is 2.5 miles, and my weekly mileage is up to 6.5. I can definitely feel the affects of increasing my mileage. Hunger is increasing as well as my appreciation for sleep! I'm still strength training too. Between Jillian Micheals and a killer leg workout I've put together (I'll share soon!). I'm thrilled Chicago's mild winter has allowed me to continue to run outdoors. It's 40 degrees today! It's been a little snowy this winter but nothing compared to 2011. Last year this time we had the biggest snow storm in Chicago's history, affectionately called Snowmageddon. I really hope the fabulous running weather continues.
I posted in December about my guest co-hosting an Internet radio show all about natural hair called, Nappturalite Radio. It was a lot of fun and I guess I didn't completely screw things up as the hostess Dawn has invited me to return as guest co-host in March. Yay! I've also been invited as a syndication partner for the show which is super exciting as well. I'll be blogging for the Nappturalite Radio Community as well tweeting and Facebooking (is that a thing?) about all the fun stuff the show has going on.

Just five weeks until the race. I'm getting excited about my first race in over six months!

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