Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

That's what is going on with my right foot (not pictured : ). I was able to visit a sports med doc (at the official doctor's office of the Chicago Bulls, ooh la la) and after a few x-rays, standing on my toes a bit, and letting the doc squeeze on my foot and ankle to point out the sore spots, he diagnosed me with tendonitis. Exactly what all my Google research lead me to believe. He suggested I take another two weeks off, and to continue to ice. He also wrote me a script for six weeks of therapy to help strengthen the surrounding muscles. I've had flat feet since I was a kid, he pointed out that because of that, my posterior tibial tendon is already stretched. So it simply became inflamed during my race. Thankfully, my foot feels dramatically better. It's mostly just tight when I first step out of bed, then warms up in 2-3 minutes. My outlook on recovery is much brighter after my doctor's visit! I will still attend therapy, I would like to learn some better habits for cross (strength) training for my flat feet. My first session is tomorrow. I'm looking forward to running again in a few weeks. On a way more awesome note, my name has officially been added to the coach roster on the RRCA official website. I'm really glad I went through the training. Learning to deal with this injury will only help me become a better coach. Here's to recovery and finding some new runners to coach!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Foot Injury Update

My foot is feeling 90% better. I haven't run on it for over a week. It's still a little tight in the morning, but loosens up much quicker now. I've continued to massage it with ice 3 times a day. Not running for this long involuntarily has been an adjustment. I took a week off after the Soldier Field 10 miler, but did hot yoga during that time. Running is my stress reliever, so without it this week several times I felt I wanted to kill someone. When I feel stressed, normally I would go for a run and feel much better. This time off has been a good exercise in positive thinking and prayer! My doctor's appointment is this Monday. I most look forward to a professional second opinion about when I should pick up running again.

The next planned race is a 5K in September, Astellas Oncology Chicago Lung Run. My sister will also be driving up to participate, we'll be running the race to honor our mother. I plan to be 100% for this race and set a new PR!

Monday, August 22, 2011

RRCA Running Coach Certification

I submitted and passed my RRCA Running Coach Certification over the weekend, yippie! I learned a lot from the course and while studying for the exam, which consisted of 100 multiple choice questions. The questions covered every aspect of the course. Which made it a bit daunting to study for. I got together with a couple of Chicago area classmates to go over the questions, which helped a lot. I'm jazzed about passing, but still kind of bummed about my foot. I haven't run since Thursday. My foot seems to be getting better each day, but there it is still tight in the a.m. and I'm afraid to step down on it too hard or fast. I've had a good limp going for the past few days. Today I wore heels after reading a slight rise of the heel reduces the amount of work the tendon has to do. It was much easier walking. My posterior tibial tendon barely needed to work today. I have been icing it four times a day, although I also read today that icing after the first 48 hours of injury is less effective. Arg. I think I've been Googling my injury too much. I made an appointment with a doc specializing in sports medicine for Monday. I hope to feel better before then and not actually need my appointment. I plan to take off as much time as needed. I may break out my bike to get some cardio in. I hope to be 100% before the weather turns for the worse here in Chicagoland.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Running Injury!

The world is coming to an end. The United States has lost its prized AAA credit rating from S&P and the the posterior tibial tendon in my right foot is killing me. It felt tight the morning after the RNR half, but I thought it was just normal post-race soreness. I ran three miles on Tuesday to warm up and stretch out my body. Wednesday morning I felt great except for my right foot. I iced it four times while sitting at my desk at work. I picked up an Ace bandage at Walgreens to keep it compressed during the day. It felt much better Thursday morning. I continued to ice and compress it during the day. I had a prior engagement for a group run doing three miles that I didn't want to miss. At about mile two, I really wanted to stop. My foot was pretty sore. I finished three miles and iced it as soon as I got home. Today, it was very sore. I've iced it four times, about 15 minutes each time, and kept it compressed. This evening it feels much better, but still a bit tender. I plan to break from running through next Thursday. At this point, the fact that it already feels better, I think it's only strained or has micro tears. I don't want to risk tearing it beyond self reair. I'll continue to ice and compress it until I can walk on it pain free, but NO running until Thursday. My next race is a 10K in mid-September that I'm really looking forward to and don't want to miss. This is my first official running injury, and it sucks. The weather is perfect for running and I hate to miss an opportunity run outdoors, but I know rest is needed to continue to run long term.

Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Chicago Recap

I survived. Lasting impression, the Rock 'n Roll races are super organized. The expo was fun, I picked up a free gym back, gorged myself on engery bars and granola samples, and met Biggest Loser season 5's Jackie and Dan.

The race was scheduled to start and 6:30am and they did not waste one second getting started. Had I not been 15 minutes behind schedule, I would have normally appreciated that. I didn't miss the start or anything, but I was racing to get from the El train to the gear check before my corral started. One suggestion to RNR, do not situate the gear check at the furthest possible point away from the start line! It was my own fault, live and learn . . . to wake up at 4am instead of 4:30! I LOVED the course. I usually avoid downtown Chicago at all costs, so it was actually nice to take in all the sites on a closed course. I recognized a lot of places and realized I hang around downtown more than I thought! The hydration and aid stations were plentiful and the volunteers were awesome! This was my first RNR race experience, they really have it down to a science. A few sucky parts, the bands! Wow. First off, the headliner, Brett Micheals CANCELED the day of (boo!!!). The first 8 miles of bands were pretty cool. I'm not sure if it was the fact that my ipod died at mile 9 or if the bands actually got worse at this point, but from then on I could actually hear crickets on the course. A couple of bands were playing slow, dreary tunes, and one was on break. I understand taking a break, but this is a timed event, have enough material to cover the entire race, please. Okay, enough about the negative. The post race gathering was really good! It was situated around Buckingham fountain (the iconic fountain from the Married with Children intro), which is really beautiful. There were tons of free samples, several massage booths, and BEER!

It was my friend Katie's first half, and she beat me! Me and one of my fellow Black Girls RUN! Ambassadors, Renisha

About the actual run, it rained off and on. I felt really good up to about mile 8, my knees started to get sore. It may have been that without music I had nothing else to distract me. When I saw the mile 10 marker I felt really energized and I could not stop running even though I really wanted to walk! It was starting to really rain again and I just wanted to finish at that point. The rain felt really good, but I hate rain splashing in my eyes. Had I worn a visor the rain wouldn't have bothered me at all. Of course, there was a hill at mile 11, arg. I had to walk it. I learned from running the St. Louis half not to run the hills in the last three miles, it zapped my energy. When the hill rounded out, I could see the finish line. It seemed to take forever getting there! Normally I like seeing the finish, but it seemed like a mirage it was so far away. I still ended up finishing strong, which is always my goal, at sub 2:49. My actual time goal was 2:45, so I came close. I'm running another RNR in Vegas in December, and I plan to finish sub 2:45! This bad baby will be mine for completing two RNRs in one year!

My race mug shot . . .

Thursday, August 11, 2011

RRCA Running Coach Certification

I attended the RRCA running coach certification course last weekend in Eagan, MN. Talk about a lot of information! We went over a lot in two days. It was pretty awesome being in a classroom of 20 plus runners with different experiences and backgrounds, wanting to learn more about the sport. The course was taught by Patti and Warren Finke. Two runners and coaches with over 30 years of experience. They've run everything from 5Ks to ultras. Really an amazingly knowledgeable pair. There were three other runners from the Chicago area, which was kind of cool. The first day of class was all lecture, the second day was more interactive with a mix of lecture and group work. We concentrated on building a running program for a potential client. This was the most helpful part to me as I've gotten some requests from friends and fam to work up a run/walk program. Based on the info I learned, most of the training plans I've used in the past suck! Running slower, not faster (than goal pace) is really the key to building endurance. I'm all about running slower and longer. I'm not fast. I learned that training to run the 100 meter race in high school track and consistently coming in last. Part of my certification includes being certified in first aid and CPR, and passing the RRCA assessment. I completed my first aid and CPR certification earlier this week and plan to take my assessment next weekend after the R'n R half when I can concentrate! I pick up my race packet Saturday, I'm getting excited!
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