Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grabber Hand Warmer Give-a-way

I’m feeling well enough to run twice a week, up to about a mile and a half each run. Great news, I’m able to start building my mileage just in time for Winter weather! My threshhold for outdoor running in Chicago is about thirty degrees. Then, I usually break down and renew my gym membership. The really terrible weather, ice and blizzard like conditions, usually doesn’t hit until after the new year. My essentials for surviving last winter were long running pants, long socks, a half zip pullover, knit cap, and my Pearl Izumi running gloves. We’ll be breaking out the cold weather running gear soon enough. What are your best tips for outdoor winter running? Post your comment and a super cool random winner will get a 10 pack of Grabber hand warmers! They fit inside your gloves and will stay warm your entire run. A winner will be posted 11/7!
**** Thanks for commenting with your suggestions folks! Rebecca, you're getting a big bag of hand warmers : ) Let me know your mailing address at!***


MaeMing82 said...

The best way to stay warm is to have a nice cup of hot tea or coffee before you head out, dress appropriately (ears covered, layers, etc.) and bring your MP3 player to keep you motivated until you warm up enough to enjoy the run!!

Rebecca said...

i ran once in the single digits and swore i would never do it again! teens are what i can handle.

safety wise i would totally invest in some yaktrax if you are going to be running on anything covered in snow. they help prevent some slippage.

April said...

I purchased a ColdGear hoodie from Under Armor to keep me toasty!

Anonymous said...

I too live in a colder climate and I've learned keeping my head covered fully holds in the heat!

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