Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Sister's First Half Marathon!

My oldest sister, Joanyett, finished her first half marathon this past Sunday! The cutely named Urban Cow, in Sacramento, California. Her half marathon debut time was sub 3:15, pretty good for the first go round. Both my sisters ran their first 5K in April 2010 and have been hooked on running every since!
Joanyett finished basic training for the Air Force in 1992, so she has a running history. She ran the Urban Cow with her local running buddies and I asked her to give me the whole story, the blow by blow, the skinny, the situation . . .
We met up for the race around 7am. Regina and I did our normal routine of stretching and putting all our gear on, taking pictures, etc. Regina and I had already run 11 miles of the race course during training so we knew what to expect. Silly, but we were nervous. The race started and we both paced ourselves well. Regina started getting cramps, so we slowed a lot around mile 3 but she always recovers quickly and was fine after that. At one point I was dancing and singing around mile 5. That's how slow we were going and how comfortable our pace was. We both took a GU at miles 3, 6, 10. That helped. We wore our backpacks with water and that was great too. I did take advantage of the Gatorade on the path. Around mile 9 my belly started acting up and I really had to focus on the river! I had never had a serious problem before but I was in a lot of pain then. Mile 10 I decided to run super slow and even walk because it hurt so bad. What's funny is I kept looking at the port-a-potties but I knew that would've been a bad choice! So I just kept going. Mile 11 I was running again really slow, but at mile 12 I was still going. Then there was the half mile blow up marker and that motivated me so I picked up my pace, and put a smile on my face as I crossed the finish line! I crossed alone, not with a group of people so the announcer even called my name out, that was nice! I got my cow bell around my neck and we celebrated with carbs and champagne at the park! It was so much fun. The route was really pretty; through Old Sacramento, downtown, along the river, and beginning and ending in a beautiful park. There were lots of people, 12 to 80 year olds running. I'm looking forward to checking out my pics online, there were photographers at the halfway point and the finish line. Finishers could also take a picture in front of a sign that said FINISH, it was cute! I had a big smile for pictures even though my belly was killing me! I'm so glad I did it and can't wait for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll in December.
Congratulations Joanyett and I'll see you there in December!

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