Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Expo

After completing six weeks of physical therapy this past Friday, I'm still not quite 100%, but much improved. I did a mile run/walk on Wednesday. I had some pain towards the end, but iced immediately afterwards and my pain was not increased the following day. My physical therapist and I decided I also have some inflammation of my plantar fascia. Interestingly, as the soreness in my tendon has decreased, the tightness in my plantar fascia has increased. It could have been there all along, and I just never noticed it. It's a tight, burning sensation in my heel after prolonged activity. I worked as a volunteer at a 5K on Friday and did a lot of walking and standing. My heel felt pretty tight by the end of my duties. My PT worked up a return to running program which is an extension of things we've been doing in my sessions. Strength training, stretching, and a run/walk progression will all be needed to return to my previous level of activity. I'm optimistic about slowly getting back to where I was with my running and bursting onto the racing scene come Spring 2012!. While I've been injured, I've been living vicariously through my running buddies, obsessing over their training as races much as I would my own. Three of my friends are running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon October 9, 2011. I attended the marathon race expo today with one of those friends, Renisha, and it was awesome!
This race is HUGE, it sold out at 45,000 participants. The race bling is pretty nice too.
There were tons of vendors with every piece of running gear you could possibly image. We even stumbled upon Hal Hidgon. We think he was highly under promoted because there was no line standing and waiting to shake his hand! He was happy to take a picture.
We also approached the pearly gates of running heaven where this man was apparently Jesus welcoming us into the land of perfectly made running shoes where the streets are made of treadmills.
All the excitement of attending the expo almost had me sold on the idea of running a marathon, but not quite : ) I'll stick to my halfs for now. Good luck to everyone running the Chicago Marathon!

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