Friday, August 19, 2011

Running Injury!

The world is coming to an end. The United States has lost its prized AAA credit rating from S&P and the the posterior tibial tendon in my right foot is killing me. It felt tight the morning after the RNR half, but I thought it was just normal post-race soreness. I ran three miles on Tuesday to warm up and stretch out my body. Wednesday morning I felt great except for my right foot. I iced it four times while sitting at my desk at work. I picked up an Ace bandage at Walgreens to keep it compressed during the day. It felt much better Thursday morning. I continued to ice and compress it during the day. I had a prior engagement for a group run doing three miles that I didn't want to miss. At about mile two, I really wanted to stop. My foot was pretty sore. I finished three miles and iced it as soon as I got home. Today, it was very sore. I've iced it four times, about 15 minutes each time, and kept it compressed. This evening it feels much better, but still a bit tender. I plan to break from running through next Thursday. At this point, the fact that it already feels better, I think it's only strained or has micro tears. I don't want to risk tearing it beyond self reair. I'll continue to ice and compress it until I can walk on it pain free, but NO running until Thursday. My next race is a 10K in mid-September that I'm really looking forward to and don't want to miss. This is my first official running injury, and it sucks. The weather is perfect for running and I hate to miss an opportunity run outdoors, but I know rest is needed to continue to run long term.

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