Monday, August 22, 2011

RRCA Running Coach Certification

I submitted and passed my RRCA Running Coach Certification over the weekend, yippie! I learned a lot from the course and while studying for the exam, which consisted of 100 multiple choice questions. The questions covered every aspect of the course. Which made it a bit daunting to study for. I got together with a couple of Chicago area classmates to go over the questions, which helped a lot. I'm jazzed about passing, but still kind of bummed about my foot. I haven't run since Thursday. My foot seems to be getting better each day, but there it is still tight in the a.m. and I'm afraid to step down on it too hard or fast. I've had a good limp going for the past few days. Today I wore heels after reading a slight rise of the heel reduces the amount of work the tendon has to do. It was much easier walking. My posterior tibial tendon barely needed to work today. I have been icing it four times a day, although I also read today that icing after the first 48 hours of injury is less effective. Arg. I think I've been Googling my injury too much. I made an appointment with a doc specializing in sports medicine for Monday. I hope to feel better before then and not actually need my appointment. I plan to take off as much time as needed. I may break out my bike to get some cardio in. I hope to be 100% before the weather turns for the worse here in Chicagoland.


Rebecca said...

oh my gosh... I haven't caught up on all my blog reading... I didn't even hear about your foot!

but yay!!! congrats fellow Coach!!

Margaux said...

Thanks! Foot is getting better day by day.

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