Thursday, August 11, 2011

RRCA Running Coach Certification

I attended the RRCA running coach certification course last weekend in Eagan, MN. Talk about a lot of information! We went over a lot in two days. It was pretty awesome being in a classroom of 20 plus runners with different experiences and backgrounds, wanting to learn more about the sport. The course was taught by Patti and Warren Finke. Two runners and coaches with over 30 years of experience. They've run everything from 5Ks to ultras. Really an amazingly knowledgeable pair. There were three other runners from the Chicago area, which was kind of cool. The first day of class was all lecture, the second day was more interactive with a mix of lecture and group work. We concentrated on building a running program for a potential client. This was the most helpful part to me as I've gotten some requests from friends and fam to work up a run/walk program. Based on the info I learned, most of the training plans I've used in the past suck! Running slower, not faster (than goal pace) is really the key to building endurance. I'm all about running slower and longer. I'm not fast. I learned that training to run the 100 meter race in high school track and consistently coming in last. Part of my certification includes being certified in first aid and CPR, and passing the RRCA assessment. I completed my first aid and CPR certification earlier this week and plan to take my assessment next weekend after the R'n R half when I can concentrate! I pick up my race packet Saturday, I'm getting excited!


Rebecca said...

the certification was really awesome! by far one of the best I've been too!

the test doesn't look too bad either.

good luck on your race this weekend!!

Margaux said...

Thanks Rebecca. I've test does look like I can get through it successfully!

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