Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

That's what is going on with my right foot (not pictured : ). I was able to visit a sports med doc (at the official doctor's office of the Chicago Bulls, ooh la la) and after a few x-rays, standing on my toes a bit, and letting the doc squeeze on my foot and ankle to point out the sore spots, he diagnosed me with tendonitis. Exactly what all my Google research lead me to believe. He suggested I take another two weeks off, and to continue to ice. He also wrote me a script for six weeks of therapy to help strengthen the surrounding muscles. I've had flat feet since I was a kid, he pointed out that because of that, my posterior tibial tendon is already stretched. So it simply became inflamed during my race. Thankfully, my foot feels dramatically better. It's mostly just tight when I first step out of bed, then warms up in 2-3 minutes. My outlook on recovery is much brighter after my doctor's visit! I will still attend therapy, I would like to learn some better habits for cross (strength) training for my flat feet. My first session is tomorrow. I'm looking forward to running again in a few weeks. On a way more awesome note, my name has officially been added to the coach roster on the RRCA official website. I'm really glad I went through the training. Learning to deal with this injury will only help me become a better coach. Here's to recovery and finding some new runners to coach!


Rebecca said...

a running injury is definitely a plus when it comes to coaching. i think it just allows you to be more real with your client.

and what's 2 weeks in the grand scheme of things?!

quick, and happy recovery!

Margaux said...

All true Rebecca, and thanks!

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