Saturday, August 27, 2011

Foot Injury Update

My foot is feeling 90% better. I haven't run on it for over a week. It's still a little tight in the morning, but loosens up much quicker now. I've continued to massage it with ice 3 times a day. Not running for this long involuntarily has been an adjustment. I took a week off after the Soldier Field 10 miler, but did hot yoga during that time. Running is my stress reliever, so without it this week several times I felt I wanted to kill someone. When I feel stressed, normally I would go for a run and feel much better. This time off has been a good exercise in positive thinking and prayer! My doctor's appointment is this Monday. I most look forward to a professional second opinion about when I should pick up running again.

The next planned race is a 5K in September, Astellas Oncology Chicago Lung Run. My sister will also be driving up to participate, we'll be running the race to honor our mother. I plan to be 100% for this race and set a new PR!

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