Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Chicago - Am I ready?

Have I have seriously been slacking off on my training for my upcoming half? Between the record rainfall, record high temperatures, vacation, and working on becoming a social butterfly, I feel as though I haven't dedicated as much energy to training for this race as I did my first half last year. It may very well be that I'm less intimidated by the distance having done it before.

I did a 10 mile training run Saturday which will be my longest run before the race. I plan to do a 7 mile run long this week. I'm still pretty sore after the 10 miler. I ran errands after my workout and attended an event later that night, so that might be attributing to my lethargy. I did get one fun errand taken care of, shopping for new running shoes! I visited Fleet Feet Sports Chicago where I bought my last pair of shoes two years ago. I love this place because they really take their time to help you find the right fit. I love my Brooks Ravenna, but at two years old, I thought it was time to replace them. I was open to going with a new brand and tried out a pair Mizuno and New Balance. I hated them. I was glad I went after my run when my feet were a bit achy. When I ran on the in-store treadmill I could immediately feel where there was not enough cushion for my feet. So what did I end up with? Another pair of Brooks Ravenna. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

I got the Ravenna 2 which is supposed to have a bit more arch support than my old version. Good for me, because I have flat feet and overpronate. Oh, and I get the men's version because I have ginormous feet (a women's size 11). I fitted for a half size smaller. I've lost around 40 pounds since I bought these shoes two years ago. I had a feeling that would happen, I've noticed I no longer need wide fit in dress shoes either since my weight loss.

Hopefully my 7 mile run will go better, with less soreness. I'll feel a little better about being prepared for the race based on how easy this run is for me! I think Bosley likes my new shoes.


Rebecca said...


It was lovely meeting you too!! I wish I would have known you blogged when we chatted last Saturday. It's always one of those things though, do you bring it up or not?

Can't wait to follow your journey!

Afrobabylon said...

Ha, yeah it is an awkward subject to bring up : )

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