Monday, June 13, 2011

Road Runners Club of America Coaching Certification

I love running. I want everyone to enjoy running. Although, I know everyone does not! I've had a few friends ask questions about running, how to get started, and about my experience as a beginner. I love sharing how I got started and why I truly enjoy running. I enjoy running with newbies and offering encouragement to push through a workout. I would love to become better at the coaching aspect and legitimately coach those interested in improving their health through running. I started researching coaching certifications and came across two reputable organizations, the U.S.A. Track and Field Association and Road Runners Club of America. To me, the USATF program is more geared toward coaching track and field professionals, college, and high school athletes. The RRCA is more geared toward distance running at all levels from beginner to advanced. So I decided to register to attend a RRCA certification program this fall. The certification consists of a two day Official RRCA Coaching Certification Course, followed by an online test, and a CPR certification. I'm really looking forward to learning new things about running and coaching from the certification program. I can't wait to go through training and become all professional and shiz.

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