Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chicago Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon Training

Today I consider my official start of training for the half marathon in August. Last Sunday was actually ten weeks out, but with finishing out my training for the Soldier Field two weeks ago, I didn't really take last week's runs too seriously. My legs feel good, so I don't feel a lot of pressure to be super regimented in my training for this race. I want to beat my time in my first half (sub 2:56), which won't be too hard! The course for this race is flat as opposed to the course of ten thousand hills in St. Louis. Today I lead my non-existent run group in a five mile run. I say non-existent because no one has shown up to my scheduled runs! The run group is still finding its way, so hopefully we can get into a groove by finding a good central location and convenient time. It's warming up nicely here in Chicagoland, so for Saturday mornings, I've been scheduling runs early, like between 6:30 and 7:30am to beat the heat. No turn out yet other than the other run group leader, but I have high hopes more ladies will come out! My friends who also did the Soldier Field are training for a different half in September, so we'll be able to do some training runs together. It is nice to run with others sometimes. That's the great thing about running, it can be a solo or group sport.

Today's run random pic . . . who expects to find graffiti in nature? Hoodlums.

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