Bikram Yoga Recap

The final class of my Bikram yoga two week trial was Thursday at Bikram Yoga Oak Park. The heater was back at 100%, when I walked into the hot room I immediately noticed the difference. I took Shavasana (dead pose) and as others filtered into the room, I heard a couple of whispers about how hot it was! I didn't realize it until class was over, but the instructor was actually the owner, Nancy. I was very challenged this visit because of the extreme heat and her style is a bit quicker than the other two instructors I experienced during my trial. Nancy mentioned several times during class, 'If you can do it, you must'. Which really pushed me to try harder and push through the sweat and heat. Needless to say, the next day I was exhausted. Much like I felt after my first class. I really enjoy Bikram, and will likely take it up again in the fall. I actually enjoy being warm, and the heat is really relaxing after a day at the office.