2011 Soldier Field 10 Mile Recap

I haven't posted one thing about my training for today's Soldier Field 10 mile race since I posted my training plan back in January. I think that's because it went surprisingly well! I was able to complete most of the weekday runs. The longest long run I was able to complete was 8 miles. I was a bit worried because I decided to try Bikram (hot) yoga for the first time earlier this week on Wednesday. It completely wiped me out. I was so sore Thursday. I was still a little sore this morning, but I really loaded up on sleep between yoga and the race to help me recover faster.

Today's race was great. Fleet Feet always pulls off really well organized races. It sold out at 15,000 participants, everything went seamlessly. I had a few friends at the race too, that always makes races more fun. The least pleasurable part of the race for me was running on a closed off lane of Lake Shore Drive. It was nice that part of the course was flat, but the car exhaust from passing vehicles was almost nauseating! I'm being hyper-sensitive. I couldn't wait to reach the turn around at mile 5 to run along Lake Michigan. The most awesome part was entering Soldier Field like like a BEAR!

There were spectators cheering in the stands, it was pretty cool. I finished sub 1:55. I'm sure there are some Brightroom pictures of me with my hands up with a goofy smile crossing the finish line on the fifty-yard line. This was the first race of the season. I hope the rest of my season is this enjoyable!

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