Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nike Tempo Shorts ~Vs~ Curves

I will start this post by pumping up Zappos.com. I've heard amazing things, but this is the first time I've ordered from the site. I ordered a pair of infamous Nike Tempo running shorts on Sunday night, and received them at work on Monday! Talk about service. They're currently offering free next day shipping, but enough about Zappos. On to the shorts, I ordered a size large. I was a bit concerned they would be too tight.

I carry my weight in backside and legs. I bought a similar pair of Champion brand shorts in size large that ended up being too tight to run in. After reading the reviews on the Nike store site, I decided an extra large may be too big as many reviewers said they run big. Today I wore them on a 3 mile run. I definitely felt the breeze! I felt the need to keep checking the bottom of the back of the short because I felt like they were flying up in the wind. The shorts have built in briefs, but shorts flapping in the wind is not a good look. I also wore my iFitness belt and had to adjust the shorts several times to get a comfy position. They didn't ride up too much but they will take some getting used to after running in tight fitting bottoms like capris for the last 3 years. I felt a little exposed. I did though keep much cooler longer, which is the reason I'm trying out shorts.

Update: I love Nike tempo shorts! I want to order a million more pairs : ) They definelty took some getting used to compared to running capris, but really, these are very comfy and breezy. I did invest in some Bodyglide for Her for my legs. Like I mentioned, I carry my weight in my legs, so chafing is a concern when wearing shorts! Temps shorts + Bodyglide = comfy run.

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TG said...

Sweet! Have a few pairs myself ; )

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