Monday, May 9, 2011

Black Girls RUN! Chicago First Run

Black Girls Run! Chicago held its first group run last Tuesday. It was freezing, 40 degrees! We ran 3 miles along Lake Michigan. Rain drizzle and winds made for less than ideal conditions, but we made it work. There are three group Ambassadors including myself so there was a person to lead, a person to hold down the middle of the pack, and me to bring up the rear. Ten girls in total. I've run in groups before, but never organized and lead one. The toughest part is making the run good for everyone, since each person may be at a different ability level. Adjusting the pace and sweeping up the rear will take some practice. It's very encouraging that the group is very positive and jazzed about running with other black women. The group's Facebook page already has over 70 members and I see our group growing even more!

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