Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Forest Preserve Run

You can’t beat sunny, sixty degree weather in March in Chicago. Today I had one of the best outdoors runs I’ve had in a long time during my lunch break! Occasionally, I run in the Forest Preserve trail near my office. It’s been s good three months since I’ve been on the trail. I wasn’t alone in my sentiment. As I waited at the light to cross the street onto the trail, I exchanged words with another female runner:

Her: “Hi, do you know if the trail is muddy?”
Me: “Hey, not sure. I haven’t been over in while.”
Her: “Me neither, I’m so excited!”
Me: “Me too!”

The trail wasn't muddy, it was perfect! There were lots of walkers, joggers, and even a group of grade schoolers on a nature walk. I did three miles at a super easy pace. I didn't want to rush my sunshine intake! Spring is in the air.

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