Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gym Breakup

I joined the gym in my building in December 2009 because I knew I would need to train over the winter for the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon I ran last April. Then after the race I kept my membership active because it turned out to be super convenient when I would go into my office on weekends to do schoolwork. I would workout and read or write in perfect peace in a near empty building. But this winter I have noticed a change in the gym. An explosion in membership! Great for the gym, sucks for my love of empty treadmills. Add to that finishing work on my masters, I have no reason to schlep into the office on weekends. So, I decided to cancel my membership. If I'm in desperate need to rejoin a gym, there's a brand spanking new L.A. Fitness within walking distance from home which makes way more sense to join. It's always awkward canceling any membership, but I surely won't mind the extra cash in my pocket each month.

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