Derby Lite Winter 2011

Monday was the last night for Derby Lite practice. It was a fun time! I thought I was a good skater before the class, not really. Skating is really about being comfortable on wheels (duh). Sounds simple, but if you're all tensed up afraid of falling, you will. If there's one thing I learned it's that falling is ok! With the right protective gear, falling won't matter. As far as the workout, skating is great for strength training. Skating works muscles I don't normally use when running. My bum and a weird section of my quads were definitely sore after a few practices. I may again take the course next Winter. It's a bit pricey, but it is nice that the session is long at twelve weeks. Here are a few pics from our last practice.

Fleet Feet Chicago Historic Run - Wrigleyville

We participated in Fleet Feet Chicago's Historic Run through Wrigleyville today. It was a fun time! This is my second group run, the first was not a super fun experience. Although the group was supposed to be for all skill levels, the pace was too fast, set by an Ironman finisher. Today's fun run was an easy pace, about 6 miles, and stopped off at several points of interest along the way.

Places and things that are seemingly normal, but have an interesting past. We saw a church that was hiked up and moved across the street a hundred years ago,

Alta Vista Terrace, the street in Chicago that is a little bit of London, the houses mirror each other on both sides of the street,

Wrigley Field, THREE cemeteries where historical Chicago figures now rest, and tons of gorgeous houses including this one with an amazing garage roof top patio.

Just things you wouldn't be able to appreciate driving down the streets of these neighborhoods. Oh, here's Rahm Emanuel's rented house that he may again reside in once he takes office as Mayor of Chicago!

This run was a great way to kick off my 10 week training for the Soldier Field 10 Miler in May.