Sunday, January 23, 2011

Roller Derby: Week 3

I'm super glad I enrolled in Derby Lite. By the end of this 12 week course, I will have definitely strengthened and tightened the muscles in my legs. I like that the organizer brings in different assisting instructors to share their roller derby experience. Last Monday two real roller derby chicks from the Windy City Rollers taught the class, Rose Feratu and Pominatrix came in and we basically got schooled. The entire two hour class they had us doing drills. Crossovers, left and right, duckwalks (running in skates), and swizzling (skating backward). I also learned the proper way to stop, as apparently I was doing it all wrong. I definitely felt the burn on the inside of my thighs. I may not lose any more weight from this class, as it is less intense cardio than a running, but I will definitely lose inches on my legs as skating can be a great strength cross-training

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