Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Derby Lite: Week 1

Happy New Year, a little late. The first Monday of the new year was spent at my first session of Derby Lite. To describe it in one word, it was awesome. The first hour of the class was spent listening to the instructor ramble on about the 'rules' of the course, then getting acquainted with our gear (skates, padding, helmets, etc.) The second hour was spent running through the basic drills. Let me tell you, I was incredibly sore the day after. Practicing falling and recovering is a great workout for the abs and arms. Also, there is an area of my quads that is sore. An area on the outside of my leg near my hip I obviously do not work hard while running. I'm very optimistic about this 12 week course. I feel it will be a great strength builder. Next priority is scoring some derby chick apparel. Anything with hot pink stripes or stars will do.

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