Friday, December 30, 2011

Get fat for running

Earlier this week I was bitch slapped by a scale at the doctor's office. I thought maybe I put on 7-10 pounds, try more like 15 pounds. It's truly a wonder I can still fit into my jeans. Although a little uncomfortable and tight lately, I can still zip and button them! To rationalize re-gaining weight I worked VERY hard on losing between 2009 and 2010, I'll have to think of my slow down in running as a sacrifice. Either continue to run at the same level on an inflamed tendon to keep the weight off, and risk permanently jacking up my foot, or reduce my mileage, risk gaining a little weight, recover, and continue running until I'm 100 years old (hey, it's possible). Of course I've learned there are other activities I can do to stay in shape, but none are as effective or rewarding to me as running has been. Thanks to Jillian Micheals, it's now a habit for me to work in weekly strength training. Strength is truly a runner's ally. This week I did two, 2 mile runs which is the most I've been able to do in a week without a noticeable increase in pain. I will be registering for the Shamrock Shuffle in March on New Year's Day! I plan to start training the first week of February. Eight weeks of training for a 5 mile race had better whip this 15 pounds into shape!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Eating around the holidays

This is the toughest time of the year to try to lose weight. There has been a non-stop conveyor belt of snacks and cookies around the office. Some stuff has been pure crap, tasteless, grocery store cookies, but every once in a while, something fabulous has come along I cannot resist.
The cupcakes were a gift from one of our vendors and they're to die for! I imagined myself inhaling the whole box by myself, but I controlled myself and had only one. The rest, I gave away! Seriously, I have gotten so many boxes of chocolate as gifts, I have to re-gift them. I'm recovering well enough to workout 3 times a week. A combination of running, and the 30 Day Shred. I decided to only weigh myself once a week (Sunday). I made the mistake of weighing myself in the middle of the week, and I was UP three pounds. What the what? I'm hoping its only water weight from all the stress of preparing for the holidays. Yeah, water weight, that's it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Holiday Gift Guide by Chicago Blogger Network

Chicago Blogger Network is a collective of Chicago area Bloggers. The organizers put together networking events, and members receive invitations to events around town, with the expectation they'll tweet, Facebook, and blog all about the fun and interesting things going on in Chicagoland. The group is largely fashion bloggers, but there are a few bloggers covering other subjects. They put out a call to the group for holiday gift ideas for their first ever gift guide. My suggestion was The Nike+ GPS Sportwatch. It was gifted to me, so of course I think it's a great gift idea! Since CBN has a lot of folks writing about fashion, I wasn't sure my gift suggestion would get put in, but hooray, it's #31 on the list! The layout of the guide turned out really nice. My suggestion is the only sports related product, but I think it fits in well because it is a pretty fashionable watch in itself.
In other fun news, I'm guest co-hosting an Internet radio show this weekend! The Nappturalite Radio show is all about natural hair. I don't write a lot about hair on this blog, but I contribute for an article about hair on A co-worker turned me on to the show and it turns out the host follows my Examiner article! I'm really looking forward to participating in the show. You can log on and listen live here, or check back for the on-demand episode.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Week 4

I've decided I'm happy with my purchase of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred : ) It's been four weeks since I started incorporating the workout into my return to running program and I'm down 3 pounds. Not a huge weight loss, but I'm very happy with the progress since my goal is to lose 10-15 pounds by mid January. At this rate, I'm losing about a pound per week. I was brave and moved on to level 2 of the workout this morning. WOW, it was intense. But I felt GREAT afterwards. Tendinitis hasn't shot back up drastically. I'm still icing after activity to keep it in check. I did a lot of walking in Vegas, so I was pretty sore earlier in the week, but on Wednesday my foot felt great. So I'm still getting sore with increased activity, but I'm recovering a lot faster. I'll continue to increase my mileage and workout with the DVD this winter. Between the two, my goal is to workout or run 3-4 days a week. I REALLY want to do the Shamrock Shuffle in March. I'm hoping I can continue on training at a slow and steady pace to be able to complete the five mile run.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon Las Vegas Recap

Viva Las Vegas! I had a blast in Sin City this weekend attending the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon. This was my second visit there and my second experience with the Rock 'n Roll series. I had a nearly four hour flight from Chicago, and my sister flew in from California on Friday night. We were both pretty much exhausted after also having to work that day, but we were excited to be there.
Saturday, we took a field trip on the Deuce bus to and from the expo. The expo was super crowded and cramped. This was only a prelude to how the race would end up being, we'll get to that later. At the expo were pretty much the same vendors and gear in Chicago, but I did make one interesting discovery there, Spider Tech. I've been wanting to try out K-tape for the arch of my foot, but the last couple of expos I've attended, the line for free tapings has been way too long. Spider Tech's booth was tucked away in the back, with only a few people waiting. I got my foot taped for plantar fascia and posterior tibial tendon support. I was really excited about the price, a box of 40 for $20.
One of the female employees did the taping, I felt like she just put it on and there was not enough tension to provide any support. She said the more tension, the less effective it would be, but I can't say that I felt a difference at all. By the time we got back to our hotel, the tape was already starting to come off. It could be that the foot is a difficult area for athletic tape to stay put, but sigh, I was less than impressed. There were several members of the run group planning to race, so Sunday there was a planned meet up before the race. It was so nice meeting other Black women from around the country who are also running obsessed!
After the meet up, we had a few hours to relax before the race. Our hotel was near the start line, so we figured it would be a breeze to walk over there. This is when the real fun began. It was pretty crowded trying to walk between the Luxor and Mandalay Bay. It was difficult to get past the crowd at gear check and out the door into the corrals. Thankfully, we made it to our corral in enough time.
The start of the race was very organized. It started promptly, just as it had in Chicago. There were several corrals ahead of us, so we waited about 30 minutes to start. I lost count of each corral as they were sent on there way, but I think at about corral 25, they just let everyone take off, there was no pause in between. There were 40 corrals in total. So what ensued was a mad mix of runners and walkers starting at the same time. There were runners darting in and out everywhere! It was like people forgot the basic rule of staying to the right and passing on the left. I registered for the race before my injury, so I did not have time to properly train, but I knew I was still coming for the experience . . . and for the fact that I already paid to register and bought my airfare. I ran the first few miles of the race, then stood on the sidelines to cheer on the runners, then finished the last mile with my sister. When we crossed the finish line, the finish area was so random. The medals were scattered, people were tearing their own space blankets off the roll, there was a ridiculous line to take a finisher photo, and the bananas and snacks were on the other side of that line. We skipped the photo and cut through for some nourishment! From the secure race area, we had to re-enter Mandalay Bay to get back to our hotel. The line was absolutely ridiculous! Worse than trying to get to the start of the race. Probably because nearly 20 corrals were finishing at the same time! The last thing people want to do after running a marathon or half is stand in line. When it was clear we weren't getting anywhere soon, we exited back outside to get some air. We walked a bit and found another less populated entrance to the hotel. I hear we avoided most the craziness. There were apparently several people that passed out in the crowd and EMTs had to be called. When the race sold out at 44,000, RNR raised the capacity. I believe the final count was near 60,000. I think the major issue with this race was raising the cap and not being able to handle it. RNR got a little greedy in Las Vegas this year. They gambled and lost in the opinion of many runners! It's unfortunate because the course is amazing, it's really cool to run at night on the Strip. Hopefully next year RNR will better manage the crowd.
Update: Shortly after I published this post RNR sent out an e-mail to Vegas participants acknowledging the race issues and offering a $10 off code for an RNR event in 2012. At least they recognize there was a problem!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tryptophan Titans: 30 Day Shred week 2

I had a good Thanksgiving in St. Louis. After chowing down some good eats and treats, I got a few family members to burn off some calories doing level 1 of The 30 Day Shred. Getting family in on a post-thanksgiving workout is becoming a tradition! What better way to cancel out all the guilt of overeating than with a good workout? With getting prepared for the holiday, this is only the second time I've had time to do the DVD in a week, it was still a good challenge. I feel like it incorporates some of the strength exercises I did in physical therapy like lunges, and agility exercises like jump rope. I'm curious to see how much more difficult level 2 will be, but I'll wait until I finish 10 days at level 1 to move on. I did a two mile run/walk on Tuesday. My tendon usually gets sore on the third day after activity, so I expected to be pretty sore Thursday, but I felt pretty good. My goal is to do another mile run/walk before the end of the week. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, and it's not too late to get up and get a workout in!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: week 1

I may be the last person on the planet to have tried and reviewed Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, but I'm doing it anyway. I'll be chronicling this for you got it, thirty days! The workouts consists of 3 mins strength, 2 mins cardio, 1 min ab intervals. Abs are the least enjoyable. I've tried and failed my own ab program before. But I need to do something. Since my mileage has been so drastically reduced, my pants and jeans are fitting a little tight and I can't wait to race home from work and throw on my sweats lately. Jillian recommends one 20 minute workout each day. My plan is to do 20 minutes three to four days a week while continuing to increase my mileage with runs one to two times per week. The workout has three levels. As you feel you've mastered one level, you progress to the next. It's completely up to you. I've started at level one. It was a moderately challenging, but I think as I get back into the cardio groove, I'll master level one quickly. I think I've gained about 7 pounds since I injured myself in August. My goal is to lose ten pounds by mid January. Since average weight loss is 1 -2 pounds per week, I think my goal is realistic. It's getting cooler by the day here, so in addition to learning about fun new hair care products for the winter, I'm learning how to workout at indoors with a DVD!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Volunteering at the Girls on the Run 5K

I woke up at o'dark thirty this morning to pay it forward at the Girls on the Run Chicago 5K. This was my first experience as race volunteer at a bigger run. I'm glad I picked this race to test the volunteer waters. I ran it two years ago, so I was already familiar with some of the details of the race.
It's kind of cool watching the girls arriving on their school buses and lining up to run a 5K. The first part of the morning I was at the Runner Information booth. I spent most of my time directing people to the port-a-potties. After the start of the race, I wanted to get in handing out the medals to the girls. That was definitely more fun! Volunteers, friends, and family cheered runners across the finish line inside Toyota Park.
A few ladies from the running group were there, we had a great time. The Girls on the Run 5K is a feel good race for a great cause!

New Era's VIP Grand Opening Party

New Era's Chicago flagship store is open for business. I checked out the grand opening party on Thursday night. Good tunes, a swag bag, and an open bar, I was all about it. My goal was to find one running related product in the store, I did not. But I did find lots and lots of hats!
It's actually a really nice store, their largest location open to date. If there's a man in your life who likes caps and sports related apparel, definitely check for a location near you for some unique Christmas gifts.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fleet Feet Sports Fashion Show

TGI almost Friday! It has been a busy past two weeks with lots of fun filled activities, a meet and greet with Chicago Blogger Network, and covering a natural hair event for the Examiner. Last night I checked out Fleet Feet’s See and Be Seen fashion show at Second City.
Fleet Feet employees, local athletes, and a few Chicago newscasters modeled the latest gear for cold weather running. My fave brands Brooks and Under Armour were in the show, and a few other lines I had never heard of like Craft, Saloman, and Skirt Sports (loved the Tough Girl Top). It was all nice, practical stuff I wouldn’t mind owning. Fleet Feet closed out the show with its most interesting piece, Nike’s Vapor Flash Jacket. It glows. Ok, not really, it reflects. But if one evening while in your car you happen upon a pack of runners wearing this jacket, you may think you’re witnessing an alien invasion.
After the show, we were treated to a little party at the Piper’s Alley store to eat, consume alcohol and shop, of course.
We each got a swag bag filled with some pretty decent running swag, arm warmers, a safety light, a tech fabric cap and other goodies. Items I will actually use while running outdoors this winter. Combining two loves, running and shopping into one event was not a bad deal at all! The entire night benefited Gilda's Club, which offers free support for everyone living with or affected by cancer. The fun continues this weekend; I’ll be volunteering at the Girls on the Run 5K. I ran the race a couple of years ago, so I’m looking forward to another inspiring experience. Thanks again for commenting on the Gtabbers giver-away post. Rebecca, be sure to e-mail your mailing address at!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grabber Hand Warmer Give-a-way

I’m feeling well enough to run twice a week, up to about a mile and a half each run. Great news, I’m able to start building my mileage just in time for Winter weather! My threshhold for outdoor running in Chicago is about thirty degrees. Then, I usually break down and renew my gym membership. The really terrible weather, ice and blizzard like conditions, usually doesn’t hit until after the new year. My essentials for surviving last winter were long running pants, long socks, a half zip pullover, knit cap, and my Pearl Izumi running gloves. We’ll be breaking out the cold weather running gear soon enough. What are your best tips for outdoor winter running? Post your comment and a super cool random winner will get a 10 pack of Grabber hand warmers! They fit inside your gloves and will stay warm your entire run. A winner will be posted 11/7!
**** Thanks for commenting with your suggestions folks! Rebecca, you're getting a big bag of hand warmers : ) Let me know your mailing address at!***

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Injury Icing Solutions

It's been about three weeks since I started a return to running program. The goal is to start with a run/walk, gradually progressing to a continued run, then increasing my distance. I'm up to about a mile and a half run/walk with no pain. I'm happy with my progress (as slow as it may be) mainly because I don't want to over do it and have a major tendinitis flare up. Cooler fall weather has introduced itself here in Chicago. I love, even prefer running in cooler weather. I'll continue to retrain outdoors as long as I can. I've been massaging and icing my foot at least once every day. It's convenient that I have a desk job and can sit with a bag of ice on my foot and go unnoticed. However, since I prefer to run outdoors, I've had to carry ice with me for post work icings. I've learned it's most effective to ice immediately after a work out. So if I run after work near my office, or at the nearby track, I've got to carry ice with me. At the Chicago marathon race expo, I picked up a sample of Arctic Ease Cryotherapy wrap. I tried it out for the first time Friday evening post an after work run/walk. I wrapped it around my heel and ankle, and drove home. It worked out perfect much better than sitting in my car and icing for 15 minutes, or waiting to ice until after my 30 minute drive home. It molds to whatever body part you choose to wrap, it's reusable, and doesn't require refrigeration. It much more convenient than carrying bags of ice in a cooler. I'm on the hunt for other convenient icing solutions for runners on the go!

***11/16 Update, my sample size wrap dried out after four uses. I'm not sure if I will buy a full size wrap. Remembering to rehydrate and seal after each use is almost as cumbersome as remembering to pack ice for runs***

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Help for Flat Feet

Back in July I posted about the pair of Brooks Ravenna that I bought and exchanged after deciding they were a half size too small. That was right about the time I started physical therapy. My physical therapist offered to take a look at my running shoes, I took him up on his offer. After bending them back and forth and twisting them side to side, he basically told me they suck. Not Brooks in general, but the Ravenna is just not a supportive enough shoe for my extreme flat feet. He recommended I get a shoe specifically with motion control. I knew I wanted to do some research, so in the meantime he recommended I check out some over the counter insoles. At Walgreen’s, I tried out the Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotic Center which somewhat resembles a Star Trek transporter. After a series of super complex pressure calculations, like leaning forward, and backward, it recommended the highest level of support, the 440.
They’re not cheap, $49. But I was desperate for something to support my arches and help reduce the tendon inflammation faster. I plugged them into my Brooks Ravenna and felt a good difference in the pull and strain on my tendon. I figured using insoles was a cheaper and less frustrating option than trying out pair after pair of running shoes. They're 3/4 length, which is ok, I guess. I ended up taking out the insoles that came with the shoe for a more comfy fit. While I continued to research shoes, I used the Dr. Scholl's insoles in my Ravennas for the next couple of weeks of physical therapy. Since I have been happy with the quality of Brooks, I searched their website for motion control shoes. I came up with the Beast/Ariel for men and women. I read through all the reviews on the site. Apparently, this is one of the best motion control running shoes for ”big” runners with flat feet. When I got them, I did the same bending and twisting test my PT did. They're stiff. I can’t say much else about them, since I have yet to do any actual running in them. I’ve replaced the insoles with the Dr. Scholl’s and I’m now using them for walking. I don’t know when I’ll attempt to run again. I coached a running newbie last weekend. We did three mile run walk. I was again sore a few days afterwards. So for now, I think I'll continue to take it easy by doing my strength training and stretching exercises. I think using insoles will be a must for me going forward. The Dr. Scholl's may be a good solution for those with floppy feet like mine looking for some relief.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Expo

After completing six weeks of physical therapy this past Friday, I'm still not quite 100%, but much improved. I did a mile run/walk on Wednesday. I had some pain towards the end, but iced immediately afterwards and my pain was not increased the following day. My physical therapist and I decided I also have some inflammation of my plantar fascia. Interestingly, as the soreness in my tendon has decreased, the tightness in my plantar fascia has increased. It could have been there all along, and I just never noticed it. It's a tight, burning sensation in my heel after prolonged activity. I worked as a volunteer at a 5K on Friday and did a lot of walking and standing. My heel felt pretty tight by the end of my duties. My PT worked up a return to running program which is an extension of things we've been doing in my sessions. Strength training, stretching, and a run/walk progression will all be needed to return to my previous level of activity. I'm optimistic about slowly getting back to where I was with my running and bursting onto the racing scene come Spring 2012!. While I've been injured, I've been living vicariously through my running buddies, obsessing over their training as races much as I would my own. Three of my friends are running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon October 9, 2011. I attended the marathon race expo today with one of those friends, Renisha, and it was awesome!
This race is HUGE, it sold out at 45,000 participants. The race bling is pretty nice too.
There were tons of vendors with every piece of running gear you could possibly image. We even stumbled upon Hal Hidgon. We think he was highly under promoted because there was no line standing and waiting to shake his hand! He was happy to take a picture.
We also approached the pearly gates of running heaven where this man was apparently Jesus welcoming us into the land of perfectly made running shoes where the streets are made of treadmills.
All the excitement of attending the expo almost had me sold on the idea of running a marathon, but not quite : ) I'll stick to my halfs for now. Good luck to everyone running the Chicago Marathon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Sister's First Half Marathon!

My oldest sister, Joanyett, finished her first half marathon this past Sunday! The cutely named Urban Cow, in Sacramento, California. Her half marathon debut time was sub 3:15, pretty good for the first go round. Both my sisters ran their first 5K in April 2010 and have been hooked on running every since!
Joanyett finished basic training for the Air Force in 1992, so she has a running history. She ran the Urban Cow with her local running buddies and I asked her to give me the whole story, the blow by blow, the skinny, the situation . . .
We met up for the race around 7am. Regina and I did our normal routine of stretching and putting all our gear on, taking pictures, etc. Regina and I had already run 11 miles of the race course during training so we knew what to expect. Silly, but we were nervous. The race started and we both paced ourselves well. Regina started getting cramps, so we slowed a lot around mile 3 but she always recovers quickly and was fine after that. At one point I was dancing and singing around mile 5. That's how slow we were going and how comfortable our pace was. We both took a GU at miles 3, 6, 10. That helped. We wore our backpacks with water and that was great too. I did take advantage of the Gatorade on the path. Around mile 9 my belly started acting up and I really had to focus on the river! I had never had a serious problem before but I was in a lot of pain then. Mile 10 I decided to run super slow and even walk because it hurt so bad. What's funny is I kept looking at the port-a-potties but I knew that would've been a bad choice! So I just kept going. Mile 11 I was running again really slow, but at mile 12 I was still going. Then there was the half mile blow up marker and that motivated me so I picked up my pace, and put a smile on my face as I crossed the finish line! I crossed alone, not with a group of people so the announcer even called my name out, that was nice! I got my cow bell around my neck and we celebrated with carbs and champagne at the park! It was so much fun. The route was really pretty; through Old Sacramento, downtown, along the river, and beginning and ending in a beautiful park. There were lots of people, 12 to 80 year olds running. I'm looking forward to checking out my pics online, there were photographers at the halfway point and the finish line. Finishers could also take a picture in front of a sign that said FINISH, it was cute! I had a big smile for pictures even though my belly was killing me! I'm so glad I did it and can't wait for the Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll in December.
Congratulations Joanyett and I'll see you there in December!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tendinitis Physical Therapy

Today marks the start of of my fifth week of physical therapy for tendinitis (also tendonitis) in the posterior tibial tendon in my right foot. My physical therapists have used massage, electromagnetic stimulation, and ultrasound to help reduce the inflammation. I've also learned light exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles. I got a little discouraged the third week of therapy because I wasn't feeling an improvement. I even called to cancel my remaining appointments. One of the therapists called me backed and convinced me to finish out my doctor's script of six weeks. Today, I still have some localized tenderness in the arch of my foot. And the uncomfortable sensation of pulling under my ankle bone when I push off. We use a scale of 1-10 each session to rate my level of pain. If my pain was at a level 10 the day after the half marathon, today it is between a 1 and 2. I worked a trade show in Philadelphia this weekend and spent most of the time on my feet.
I didn't do a lot of sight seeing, but walked the convention center floor a lot and walked across the way to the Reading Terminal Market quite a few times to gorge myself on philly cheese steaks and cupcakes.
I even got a chance to use the elliptical in my hotel gym for a half hour session. Each night I massaged and iced my foot. After all that activity, I expected to have an increase in pain, but it has remained around a level 1, which is an improvement I guess. I think I'm just tired of having pain period. I'd like to get back to my regular running routine, but I have accepted that I may only prolong the inflammation if I do more activity than my tendon is ready for. At today's session, in addition to my regular massage, stretching, and strengthening activities, I walked on the treadmill on an incline for the the first time without pain. I followed up with a compress with my trusty ice pack and hope to be at a level 1 or better tomorrow.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lung Run 2011

Welcome Margaux Online! This Saturday I attended the Astellas Oncology Chicago Lung Run in Montrose Harbor. I was worried about not being able to participate in this race due to my tendinitis. When I woke up the morning of the race, my foot was a bit sore from the physical therapy session I had a couple of days prior. I decided to try to walk the course. It would be the longest distance I had attempted to run/walk in over four weeks. My sister, her friend and myself arrived early to to race to pick up our packets. The first 500 participants were to receive a tech racing shirt, all registrants after 500 were to receive a cotton shirt. What did I discover in my packet? A cotton shirt. Not cool. I couldn't believe I wasn't one of the first 500. At the gear check, the volunteer made a comment about my race bib number 211, and being an early registrant. She confirmed bib numbers coincide with what number registrant you are. So I decided to inquire at the registration table able being the 211th registrant and receiving a cotton shirt! Thankfully, they gladly exchanged my cotton shirt (which I would have never worn) for a tech shirt that I can use for working out! At the start line, I decided to walk the race and when I started to feel pain, to stop and cut my race short. It's a small race, so there are no start corrals, I started at the back of the pack with the baby strollers so I wouldn't get in the way. I started to feel a little sore around the halfway point, and kind of wanted to stop, but then I figured I would have to walk a mile and a half back, so I might as well finish the course. I finished in a little over an hour. I didn't attempt to run at all. I felt good about going the distance, but terrible about not being able to run! Not less than 15 minutes after I crossed the finish, they started picking up the timimg mats. Yikes. This is my third year participating in The Lung Run. It's a small race, but the one I enjoy the most because most of its participants have been affected by lung cancer or disease. My mother passed from lung cancer in 2007. The race is a wonderful way to remember loves ones lost and celebrates survivors. My sister was the number five fundraiser!

That was pretty cool. They had a personalized sign for my Mom on the race course.
I iced my foot a ton the rest of the day and today it actually feels fine, not any worse than what is was before : ) I'm glad I was able to participate in the run, even if I walked it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Returning to Running

My first physical therapy session was last Wednesday. The therapist assessed the severity of my injury and showed me a few exercises to practice before our next session. He's confident I will not need six weeks of therapy. Rest combined with therapy, he thinks I may only need 2-3 weeks of therapy. We agreed to follow my doc's suggestion to rest three weeks total and to slowly transition back into running during my the time I'm doing PT. This way, if any pain reoccurs, we can address it during my sessions. Wednesday marks my triumphant return to running! I'm starting out with a whole mile! It will be more like a run walk since I'll have the dogster with me. The weather is cooling off and I feel like I've missed a whole season of running, although its only been three weeks. I have a 5K planned in two weeks. I'm o.k. with doing a run/walk, or walking the whole thing if need be. My foot feels 99% better. I can walk on it without pain. I think it's definitely time to take it for a run and see how it feels afterwards. I plan to ice immediately after my grueling mile long run, to be on the safe side. This is my training plan for the next two weeks. I'm starting off at about 40% of my regular weekly mileage post injury, as suggested in the book I read cover to cover last week, Running Strong & Injury-Free. The author, an RRCA certified coach, suggests resuming training at 40% after returning from an injury after two weeks, and 30% at more than four weeks. If I'm feeling good, I'll continue to build and start training for my next half marathon in December (12 weeks).

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