Sunday, May 30, 2010

Running for the Hell of it

Happy Memorial Day weekend. This is the perfect time to honor or thank those who have served or are serving our country. It's also a great weekend for running! My longer weekend runs have been starting off a bit earlier (8am-ish) to beat the sun and heat exposure. I've also started using the handheld water carrier I bought nearly six months ago (but never used) to hydrate. It feels a little awkward at first, but 15 minutes into it, I forget I'm carrying it. I've been taking my runs with a little less intensity also for two reasons. First, I've met my original goal of losing 50 pounds (I will most definitely dedicate a post once I take some 'after' pics). Second, I may have an stomach ulcer! Kind of a good reason to take it easy, right? I started having stomach burning and cramping the week after the half marathon. Over the counter Prilosec helped, so I figured I better let a doctor formally diagnose me rather than continuing to take medicine that may not be appropriate. I'll have and EGD (or an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy to be fancy) this week, and should know the results right away. Then hopefully I can feel comfortable pushing myself again to drop another 10 pounds : ) Have a great weekend and happy running!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mental Case

My mileage decreased tremendously for a couple of weeks after the half-marathon. After that Sunday, I ran two miles on Tuesday and Thursday, and three miles on Friday. I mostly did this to warm up my muscles in order to stretch them out. But the following week, I only ran five miles total. After sticking to a training schedule for twelve weeks, I felt I needed a break. I laid off until the third week after, when I actually started to miss running as often. That's when I felt ready to increase my mileage again. Running is definitely as much mental as physical. Now that I'm not "training", I can enjoy my runs a little more without so much focus on mileage, form, time, etc. My next race is a 10k in July, which I'm excited about since I've never actually done one (besides the virtual Nike+ Human Race 10k). I skipped from 5ks to a half marathon! The rest of spring and most of the summer I can enjoy running without worrying about training.

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