Saturday, February 13, 2010

To the One I Love, Running!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

I plan to 'celebrate' with a six mile lakefront run.

Enjoy the day with your Valentine!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Quick Update . . .

1. I love my Camelbak. I did a 5 mile run with it today. It was very comfortable and did not move around on my back.

2. I'm perfectly comfortable running in 20 degree weather . . . if the sun is shining.

3. My Nike+ is a bit umm . . . inaccurate. It needs to be recalibrated after using it on the treadmill so much. One day I'll graduate to a Garmin.

4. Today I realized I've lost 41 pounds since my first 5k last April. A special post is in order when I hit 50!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pearl Izumi Shine Wind Mitt Review

I realize I never posted a review for these. I like them. They get warm, almost too warm. I had to take them off once during a run. The good thing about running with el cheapo magic gloves is they can be balled up easily and stuffed in a pocket if they get too warm. With these, I had to carry them until I cooled off. They do wick moisture, which is nice. After I got these, I read a blurb in the Chicago Athlete magazine about the Brooks HVAC glove. The thumb tip on one of the gloves opens to adjust your MP3 player. Genius. I had to take off my glove to the adjust volume with the Shine Mitt. Overall, it's a good glove, very warm, and highly visible.

New Running Toy

For every running problem, there is a solution! I normally run outside with a fanny pack, but as I run further and longer, that thing has started to annoy me. I think it has to do with some weight loss since I first started using it. I've tightened it, but it still jumps around and the strap is uncomfortable on my hips. I started thinking about a small, lightweight backpack. Enter the hydration pack! I had never heard of these things, a backpack that incorporates a water reservoir for hiking, biking, or running. There are several styles and sizes out there, but after reading several blogs and positive reviews, I was encouraged to get a Camelbak Annadel. It holds 50 ounces, has two nice sized storage pockets, big enough for a phone, keys, etc., and the straps are designed to fit women. This will especially come in handy in training on the bike for the sprint tri in August. Training starts after the half marathon in April!
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