Friday, December 31, 2010

Review: Bondi Bands

I've read about Bondi Bands on a couple of blogs to good reviews. I use a variety of things to cover my head and hair when running, hats, bandanas, headbands, etc. The one problem is the sweaty mess that accumulates underneath. According to their website, "These bands will absorb every bit of sweat you have to give them!" I tried mine out today doing a couple of miles in 50 degree weather. For $8 each, they are decent. I don't think I sweat that much today because of the moderate temperature. I will say the headbands are definitely comfortable. They are wide across the top and gather at the nape of the neck to prevent that roll up thing most stretch headbands do. I think I have a big head and many stretch headbands tend to feel tight after a while, the Bondi Band did not. I can't wait to try it out during a race, or in warmer weather to see how it holds up during a tough workout.

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