Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shiny, Happy Belly

There is good news, no ulcer. Of course the week preceding the EDG I had none of the symptoms that made me schedule to see a doctor in the first place. Although, according to the scope, there was some mild irritation, which may have been an ulcer that healed. That is pretty likely, especially since I was taking Prilosec before meeting with a doctor. Either way, I'm glad the pain has stopped and there is no sign it will return as long as I cut out headache pain relievers like Aleve. These are apparently pretty harsh on the stomach.

One interesting part about being in the hospital was having the heart monitor attached. It would periodically sound a warning beep to which I had no idea what it was indicating, but the Doctor noticed. 'Huh . . . your resting heart rate is very low.' He pointed out 45 on the monitor. He thought for a second and asked, 'Are you a runner?' I laughed, 'yep'. He replied, 'That explains it!' Runners, and people who exercise regularly in general tend to have lower resting heart rates. A nurse explained a normal rate is between 60 and 100! Good to know my heart is healthy too :)

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