Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mental Case

My mileage decreased tremendously for a couple of weeks after the half-marathon. After that Sunday, I ran two miles on Tuesday and Thursday, and three miles on Friday. I mostly did this to warm up my muscles in order to stretch them out. But the following week, I only ran five miles total. After sticking to a training schedule for twelve weeks, I felt I needed a break. I laid off until the third week after, when I actually started to miss running as often. That's when I felt ready to increase my mileage again. Running is definitely as much mental as physical. Now that I'm not "training", I can enjoy my runs a little more without so much focus on mileage, form, time, etc. My next race is a 10k in July, which I'm excited about since I've never actually done one (besides the virtual Nike+ Human Race 10k). I skipped from 5ks to a half marathon! The rest of spring and most of the summer I can enjoy running without worrying about training.

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