Sunday, March 28, 2010


1. I will be happy when the half marathon is here and gone. I'm stressing over it!

2. I'm so looking forward to waking up at 4:30 am on Tuesdays for my beginner triathlete swim class at the YMCA (a lesson in sarcasm).

3. I'm concerned there will be creeps in my swim class. I'm hoping the swimsuit I ordered is conservative enough.

4. I heart bicycling. I'm already plotting on an exorbitantly priced tri-bike. I should get through a race first and then see how I feel about it : )

Monday, March 22, 2010

8 Miles Again

I did eight miles again today. It took an hour and a half. Much better than the two hours it took two weeks ago. My knees are a bit sore, but no pain. I was also able to calibrate my Nike+ sensor correctly. I'm going to try to fit in a 10 mile run before the half marathon, only two weeks away. At this point, as long as I can finish inside three hours, I will be happy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Paddy's Day 5k Recap

This turned out to be a fun race. I think I ran my fastest 5k time but the results haven't been posted, so I'm not sure yet. The official clock read 35: something when I crossed the line. It took us at least 60 seconds to get across the start line, so I'm thinking I did pretty good. No walking, and a good sprint just before the 3 mile mark through to the finish line. The sun was out, but it was FREEZING. The wind was out of control. Race bibs got you one free Guinness beer at a nearby pub. That helped to warm me up. I'll post my official time, and hopefully some pics from Fotojack when they're available. Happy St. Patrick's Day lads!
My time was sub 35:00, a new personal record without trying!

Friday, March 12, 2010

8 Mile

I just returned from my first 8 mile run. My legs are ok, I do notice I can 'feel' the bones in my legs more. Not pain, but definitely a work out. I took plenty of 1 minute walking breaks, making sure not to over do it. I was on the road about 2 hours, which worries me, since I was thinking I could finish the half marathon in 2 and a half hours. We'll see. A few random things . . .

1. Vanilla Bean GU makes me jittery! Right now I feel as though I've had one of those oversized Red Bull cans. I need to crash soon!

2. I hate my Nike+ right now. I tried to calibrate it today, it was still over a mile off. I have to make a special trip to the track to try to get it properly calibrated.

3. I got my helmet and I'm testing out the bike tomorrow, can't wait!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

O M Geez

Yay, I finally have time to post a blog entry! I'm juggling many things right now, work, graduate school, training, and travels. Work is work, we'll just get that out of the way first. School is in the home stretch. My first course for 2010 ended Friday. Four classes left to finish my MBA degree, this December I will be done, woo hoo! Training is going ok, I suppose. I'm getting nervous about the half marathon next month. I may have bitten off more than I can chew here. I threw the original training program I posted out the window. My body was not reacting well. I felt super drained. That program had me ramping up my weekly mileage way too fast. I run about fifteen miles a week, and I feel best running slower, further. For the past three weeks I've been increasing the mileage of my long run. I'm up to seven miles this week for my long run. I plan to get my long run up to at least 10 miles, which is the longest run on the original training plan. I'm physically managing this type of ramp up much better. I'll find out on race day if my plan has worked! About the triathlon, not sure what I'm doing here. I really want to do this race, but am now realizing the many little things I did not consider. Mainly, the expense involved. I got a racing bike from a friend which has saved me, but stuff like the special tri swim class I want to take, bike tune-ups, tri suit, goggles, swim cap, etc. that I didn't consider at first. The race isn't until August, so I have a bit more time to make a final decision. I'm attending a Fleet Feet seminar this weekend called 'Is the Triathlon for You?'. Seems like a fitting question! Travels . . . I planned to get in one four mile run during my trip to Las Vegas last month. That did not happen. We walked sooo much taking in the sites, my knees ached. I did not have the energy to walk for several hours and run. I was originally concerned about running the Strip due to the 'flyover' stairways seen here, but Las Vegas Boulevard is definitely 'runable'. If you can get a run in before 10am, you're golden. Not much traffic on the sidewalks and the flyovers are not that much of a detour. My next trip is a Bahamian cruise in July. I'll definitely be doing plenty of laps in the pool to practice for the triathlon. There's a treadmill on the ship, that's probably as good as the running will get! Don't think I'll be running alone on any strange islands.
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