Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Running Toy

For every running problem, there is a solution! I normally run outside with a fanny pack, but as I run further and longer, that thing has started to annoy me. I think it has to do with some weight loss since I first started using it. I've tightened it, but it still jumps around and the strap is uncomfortable on my hips. I started thinking about a small, lightweight backpack. Enter the hydration pack! I had never heard of these things, a backpack that incorporates a water reservoir for hiking, biking, or running. There are several styles and sizes out there, but after reading several blogs and positive reviews, I was encouraged to get a Camelbak Annadel. It holds 50 ounces, has two nice sized storage pockets, big enough for a phone, keys, etc., and the straps are designed to fit women. This will especially come in handy in training on the bike for the sprint tri in August. Training starts after the half marathon in April!

1 comment:

Yum Yucky said...

that thing is pretty neat! I saw something like this is a 1980's Sci-Fi movie, except their hydratation pack was "fuel" by their recycled waters. Ack!

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