Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cabin Fever

With a gym membership, I've been able to keep up my mileage during winter. But, Bosley the dog's workouts have been suffering! His warm weather schedule consisted of a quick two miles in the morning, four days a week. With frigid temps and icy roads and sidewalks, he gets a mere walk around a couple of blocks in the mornings and the evenings. Before I started running, he had behavioral issues, mostly due to boredom. He was destroying my shoes and one day he ripped and chewed through the entire arm of my love seat! He's pretty energetic and needs an outlet to burn it off. Doggy daycare is great, but expensive, so he only gets taken there once in a while. We both benefit from getting out there for a run, and it's free! I can see his energy level is starting to ramp up since we haven't been on a run together lately. Today I bit the bullet and took him out for a run in 24 degree weather. I'm going to have to sacrifice a few more cold mornings to stave off the little terror I know he has the potential to become

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