Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hot Chocolate Redemption

Truth be told, I was very upset that NOT ONE picture of me was taken at the Hot Chocolate race earlier this month. Turns out there was a video made recapping the race, which I make an appearance in. At the starting line, I come in at the 0:16 mark, right above 'Illinois'. You can see me checking my ipod in a gray top. Exciting stuff.

Hot Chocolate 15K from RAM Racing on Vimeo.

St. Louis Hill Work

Reality check. St. Louis is hilly. How could I forget that? I visited Forest Park for my last run while in town. I've walked the almost six mile trail around the park several times, so I was familiar with the route, having said that, I've never actually tried to run it. When I came upon the first hill, I said a little mantra I picked up from a random You Tube video, "I love hills!". By the time I hit the third hill, the mantra had worn off. I had to take a minute walking break after a few hills. They were very steep. I couldn't even imagine how bikers could take those hills! I started out heading southeast toward the highway, so the hills were mostly in the first half of my run. The last 3 miles were smooth sailing! Despite the inadvertent hill work, today was a great workout and great preperation for the St. Louis half marathon!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Run

Hooray for me, I didn't overeat this holiday! The weather is so nice here in St. Louis, I convinced some family members to get in a quick three mile run with me at a nearby track. What a gorgeous day! We also had some yummy post-workout asparagus and blue cheese salads, courtesy of my unparalleled salad making skills.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

St. Louis Marathon Clip

I had to post this cute video about the Go! St. Louis marathon (formerly the Spirit of St. Louis marathon)

Monday, November 16, 2009

2010 Race Season

I already have most of racing season 2010 planned out! There are some exciting new additions. First in the lineup, The Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8k. It takes place in March, on the first day of spring. This past March I believe it snowed, sounds like fun, right? It will definitely still be winter here in Chicago as far as the temperature goes. Next, the Go! St. Louis half marathon in April. This will be the furthest distance race I've done so far. I'm SLOWLY building up to the marathon . . . maybe in 2011. As of now, I've got a long break from April until July, when I'll be doing the Fleet Feet Women's 5k, 10k, and Festival. Last year I did the 5k, next year we're taking it up a notch and doing the 10k. On a side note, the upside to an all female race, the port-a-potties are impeccable. It also raised funds CATCH YOUR BREATH, A Women and Lung Health Initiative. In August, I'm venturing into the triathlon world and entering the Fleet Feet Sports Super Sprint Triathlon. I got a little obsessed with watching the Ironman coverage on NBC's Universal Sports channel. It's amazing. This race differs from the Ironman in that sprint tris are much shorter distances. There is a 375 meter (.25 mile) swim in Lake Michigan parallel to the beach, a 10 kilometer (6.2 mile) bike, and a 2.5 kilometer (1.55 mile) run. I think it sounds do-able. In September, I'm repeating the Chicago Lung Run 5k. This was my favorite this year. It is in support of lung cancer survivors and their families, and in memory of those who have lost their lives to lung cancer. I'm sure there will be more fun additions, especially between April and July, but I have a pretty packed schedule so far!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beat the Cold!

I attended a cold weather running seminar hosted by Fleet Feet Sports Chicago last Sunday. The idea of attending a seminar seems pretty boring, but it wasn't half bad. Two buyers for the Chicago area stores spoke about layering, safety, and general winter running stuff. The one resounding theme was, cotton is the enemy! It’s all about wicking material. I learned this lesson early, but I guess not everyone knows this. Also, reflective material and bright colors are essentials of course, with fewer daylight hours. I'm trying to rationalize the purchase of these $38 Saucony 'Ulti-Mitts'. They're bright AND reflective!

Fleet Feet came up with a fun little chart to help with apparel choice decision making. Detailed right down to the skivvies . . .

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