Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Hibernation

When I woke up today, the temperature was one degree. 1!!!!!! I'm still getting over the sore throat and a runny nose I think I brought on from running in thirty degree weather on both Saturday and Sunday. I dressed in layers, and felt comfortable, but I think deep breathing in that cold air roughed up my throat. I tried to run two miles Tuesday morning, but still felt like crap, and it was freezing so I cut my run to one mile. Sooo, today I finally broke down and bought a gym membership. I prefer to run outside, but the way the weather has been acting, I'll just end up missing more runs. The weather is only going to get worse! The gym is in my work building. It's a nice facility, and the rates aren't bad at $30 a month. I ran for an hour today between 3.5 and 4.5 speeds. I definitely did not feel that I worked out as hard as if I had run outside, but it felt better than not running at all. I'm going to experiment with the incline and interval programs. Bonus, I can cancel my membership at anytime with no penalty. So as soon as the weather breaks, it's sayonara dreadmill!


MS. Bad Mama Jama said...

I prefer to run/walk outside too! But, below 30 degrees is my cut off. I keep a gym membership for weights & classes and for days being outside is just not doable. But, a treadmill is so boring!

1ghettogirly said...

I think I 30 degrees may be my cut off as well, the gym is working out so far!

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